Over Sized Denim Jackets, Sweet – Stylist

Denim jackets are worth investing in because lets face it, they are pretty much always in fashion. Amazing to think that 100 years ago this was a material reserved for workmen only and now no one can get enough of it. So, what is all the fuss about this year? Well, people are going nuts for the 90s over-sized denim jacket and you know what? It’s a wonderful look that everyone can pull off! Not to mention that it’s super comfortable too.

Denim 3

It is all about buying a few sizes up and then just letting it hang. I think the best place to find these types of denim jackets is vintage/second hand stores. You want something that was around a while ago, as they look and feel the best.

My mum-in-law dons my husband’s Tommy Jeans denim jacket, which be bought in the early noughties – how cool is that? I am very envious to be honest, as I would love that jacket for myself. However, she’s been wearing it for years! Not just because this spring/summer season is all over it. A great example of buying the best and watching it last.

A good investment now even in second-hand designer denim means that it will continue to look the bee’s knees for years to come, and lets face it, every trend comes back around.

Denim 2

Get involved in this one peeps. I am off to hit some second-hand designer vintage shops today.

Whoop whoop.


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