Cool Sculpting – WTF?!

What the hell is going on? Yes ‘Cool Sculpting’ is the new big thing. It basically promises to freeze the fat on your body and then gradually over a few weeks (whilst you’re sore and swollen) it proposes your body will dissolve and remove your fat naturally over a 3 week period and for it not to return. Rubbish!


Why as a society are we so obsessed with removing extra weight with the least amount of effort? I don’t get it. What’s wrong with adapting your diet in a safe way and exercising a bit more? Oh hang on, I forgot for a second, that requires a bit of effort.

We have to observe that entire industries are built on the notion our bodies aren’t good enough, therefore we need these products, tools and offers. It’s a sad world when you consider this (please don’t ponder for too long as it is rather depressing).  I would also like to point out the model in the photo above has a perfectly fine body. Ridiculous.

Cool sculpting is just another fad to make money, like the rest of the medical cosmetic slimming industry. Isn’t it about time we all pushed back on this crap? For too long, medical science has been messing around with people’s bodies and it just isn’t right or fair.

Cool sculpting can go do one as far as I am concerned.

My fat is fine on me and I prefer it to be warm.

Point made.


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