Bum Bag or Fanny Pack? You decide – WTF?!

Fanny Pack 3I know, I can all hear you all going – WTF?! Really?…… Really. I am telling you. It has happened. How funny is that. If you’re anything like me you mocked this look alot the first time it come into fashion however is seems to be the go to look and at festivals in particular.

At music festivals it does actually make sense. I was at the Sonar festival in Barcelona last week (brag) and I was quite envious of the bum bag action that was going on. I am off to another festival in Portugal next week (apologies for the obvs brag again) and I am going to see if people are rocking this look over there too. In fact, scrap that last comment, I am going to get one for Portugal! So there, I’ve said it, I am doing a U-turn on this one as I think the right sort of bum bag with the right outfit can ACTUALLY look cool. It has been proven by the festival fashionistas of Spain.

So, how does one rock the bum bag? Well, with denim shorts, that’s a good look and a nod to the 80s. You can also go hippy/boho style and wrap it around the top of some harem pants, I think that could work too. Either way opt for colours and materials that complement the rest of the outfit and you are good to go about your merry bum bag ways.

Fanny Pack2

Where can I find a decent bum bag (I hear you ask?) Well, Beyond Retro has loads, plus any other good vintage clothes store. Don’t bother buying a new one, you would be missing the brilliant point of this unexpected new fashion revival!

Bring on the party and lets all swing our bum bag baring hips.. lols.


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