Statement Sandals – Happy Dayzz – Stylist

Summer shoes

Yes! Punch the air, power grab style, hot weather = sandals. How refreshing after having our feet stuffed in socks, tights and boots/shoes etc. At last, time to get your toes out and relax a bit more. This season’s options are a true delight, statement sandals. This gets a big fat heart sign from me. I am very happy because the choice is vast, playful and predominantly flat – whoop whoop. If you’ve read one of my previous articles covering high heels, we all know I can’t walk in them, unless of course I’ve had a few little drinks at a wedding. Then I can dance like a loon all night in them (and then I wonder why I can’t move the next day – tee hee). Flatform 2

Flatforms seem to making waves (again) this season, and colours like sliver and gold are being thrown about too, along with tassels, pom poms, studs, jewels, funky straps and anything that brightens up the humble sandal.

Block heels are back in too (hallelujah), a heel I can manage. So perhaps this year I wont cripple myself at my next wedding reception. Again, it is all about bright colours and playful features, bye bye boring shoes hello my bright shoe sandaled beauties.

Block HeelsSo what are you waiting for, a pedicure? Go out there and treat your feet to some fun summer sandals, what could be more joyous.




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