Why I’m Upgrading My Sh*t And So Should You – WTF?!

I love a bargain, don’t get me wrong. However, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they realise it is about time to go ‘First Class’ and no I don’t mean booking train or plane tickets. What I mean is getting the best you can afford. Why? Because investing in yourself plays 2 important roles.

Firstly investing in yourself makes you feel better, it reflects self worth (which for many, for some reason find hard – yes you are worth it, just like the Maybelline advertisement) and secondly buying the best that you can more afford often pays off in the long run.

For years and years I have fallen into the false economy of buying clothes (often cheap clothes) and then ditching them all too soon for the next new thing. I have come to realise this is not great for me, my wallet or the environment. I love trends, I love seeing and trying new looks however there is something to be said for building a classic, timeless wardrobe so, the key to this is to buy the best, of the best, of the best (yes you did read that right). In styles that NEVER go out of fashion and here is a list to help give you some ideas:

  1. Raybands – wayfarers
  2. A Burberry ‘Mac’ – in camel however you can get away with navy blue too
  3. Chanel Red Lipstick
  4. DM boots or shoes
  5. A white oversized shirt
  6. A leather satchel
  7. A leather jacket

You don’t have to a pay through the nose to do this, there are magical places called designer fashion outlets “hurrah” and of course there is always the winter/summer sales too.

I am speaking from self experience here. A few years ago I bought a beautiful leather jacket from All Saints, yes you can figure the price tag out (and not in the sale either!) and I got home, put it on and freaked out. Ran back to store and took it back. Why? because for some reason I believed that I didn’t deserve the jacket. That is one sad story boooohoooo, violins please. LOLs. We all need to do a little soul searching from time to time and what I have come to realise is that we are born worthy. It is a birth right, you deserve all the love, happiness and designer clothes in the world, like the next person. So I learned that: I AM WORTH IT AND SO ARE YOU!

I made a decision the other day to save a wedge of cash and then I am going to blow it on the best, of the best, of the best. Why? Because why not? Because I am here, because I can, because I am alive! Why shouldn’t I own a little lux here and there and why shouldn’t you. Upgrade what you can and indulge yourself.

I dare you and I reckon you  might even thank me!




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