Keeping Cool In Cotton – Stylist

Yes, Yes, with the temperature finally starting to feel warmer as summer gets under way, what are the staple clothing options that we can go for that work from day to night, from office to pub, or wherever else you choose to spend your time?

Well there is a quick answer to that, our loyal and loving friend, cool cotton.  Cotton never goes out of fashion and our obsession for this material goes way back. Cotton tops, shirts, dresses have always looked good during summer months, along with it’s close cousin linen.  The fun element this season is that the designers are going all out to make it as much fun as possible, with quirky a-symmetrical cuts, off stripes, (frills and faff), embellished features, such as colours and emblems.

Cool Cotton 3

Gingham and stripes feature a lot, and I think these patterns suit everyone, of all ages, shapes and sizes. And, of course the beauty of cotton is that it keeps you cool as the temperature soars. What a bonus that is, and quite frankly how luck are we to have the wonderful fabric, that feels lovely on the skin and helps us feel less hot and bothered on a summers day.

Cool Cotton

I also think that investing in a few key pieces now will serve you well as you will notice quite quickly that every summer, cotton pieces always end up being a go to. So treat yourself, whether that is oversized blue stripe shirt, a gingham dress or a comfy pair of wide leg cotton trousers, because you will use them again again, each time we blessed with warmer weather.

Cool Cotton 2Keep cool out there whilst looking blooming gorgeous in your lovely cottons!


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