Orginal Stussy At Cool Hand Luke – Insider

You can’t get any cooler than this store in the North Laine, Brighton called ‘Cool Hand Luke’. It’s been running for over 13 years and was originally set up for the Hip-Hop scene that needed better access to street cred worthy threads preferably from the states.

This is a men’s clothing store, (lucky men). This store stocks a vast array of jumpers, jeans, shirts, t-shirts and they aren’t just any old jeans, jumpers and t-shirts – we are talking about hard to find original Stussy and unique pieces from Supreme Being, along with other emerging and hard to find labels.


This store is also unique in the fact that you wont be able to find them on social media, nor can you shop online to get hold of these awesome wears. Yep, that’s right you’ll have to come to Brighton and check it out – for real. Plus, bring cash too, as it’s cash only. You can’t get more original or old skool than that.

Once you’re there you will be greeted by either the owner Lee or a staff member who are all passionate about the stores clothes and labels, and if you are super nice they might offer you a cheeky discount. You don’t get sweeter than that.

If you have husbands, partners, fathers, uncle’s, nephews or cousins who like the larger sizes, this store goes the extra mile for XXX sizes, flown in from the States, so you wont get caught out with the usual S/M/L/XL options like the high street. The other reason I love this store, is that it offers men a fresh, fun alternative to the norm. You don’t need to be into Hip Hop to shop here, you just need to love old skool styles or emerging labels, bright colours, baggy clothes and fun graphic design.

I shop here too, as I just can’t resist their hoodies and jumpers. My favourite jumper from Cool Hand Luke has to be my Supreme Being jumper, with ‘Bring the Noise’ embolden across the front.


You can’t miss this store, as it quite literally pops out at you when you see it, although saying that, it really is one of Brighton’s best kept shopping secrets .



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