Paris Shopping, Hell Yeah – Insider

Paris, I know, gosh where do I start.

For so long Paris has been the epicentre for fashion, along with the other likely suspects such as London, Milan and New York. With some of the most desired fashion houses coming out of this city, Paris really does ooze style and quite literally at every corner.

I am not going to bang on about Dior or Chanel or all the other well known labels, I am going to tell you about this amazing department store called ‘Merci’.

So, this year me and 2 of my high school besties were celebrating (over) 20 years of friendship so we thought we would pack our bags and hit the streets of Paris in search, of fun, food, drink, shopping and art.


Merci is a total must. This store did not let me down, it really isn’t like and other department stores, it is so unique and really offers you a fresher and more exciting experience. How does a department store do that? (I can here you wondering).  Well, on arrival you are greeted by a courtyard with a french vintage car parked outside with large steps leading into 2 huge double doors, set back from the street it could be easy to miss – as I almost did!

Then, once you are inside you you realise that you are actually surrounded by an art exhibition, which stimulates your mind, in a fun way, before you move into the store and begin your shopping journey.


Spread over 3 floors, it has a large, bright warehouse feel to it. Lots of love, thought and creativity has gone into the visual displays. Much of the store feels like an art gallery, there are clothes, make-up, an accessories section, a home-ware section, furniture section and a paper/stationary section.


It has a cafe at the bottom, selling juices, cakes and coffee that overlooks on to a beautiful garden with a swish restaurant at the front of the building if you fancy splashing out (a far cry from a meatballs in Ikea).

What’s smart about this store is that is offers something for all wallets. If you want to treat yourself go for it. If you have a lean budget but want something small to take away, no problem, it brilliantly mixes high-end and low-end price points so no-one feels excluded.


Concept stores seem to be far more popular in Europe and a tad harder to find here in the UK, so it is a good enough excuse to get off the island and go explore other cities and the shopping experiences they have to offer. Heading to Paris anytime soon? Then this store is a must.

Au revoir!



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