Festival Fashion & Fun In The Sun – Insider

Sonar Village

It’s that time of year for me when I start to get really excited about the Sonar music festival in Barcelona. I have been attending since 2006, and for me it really is one of the best festivals in Europe. Sonar is renowned for its amazing, vast line-up that runs concurrently with it’s Sonar+D conference. Why would I want to wear wellies for the weekend, hoping it doesn’t rain, using long drop toilets? (yuk), when I can stay in a beautiful hotel in central Barcelona with a roof top pool overlooking the city and be served cocktails before freshening up to hit the party (nice). It’s a no brainer for me! This year Bjork will be speaking at Sonar+D as part of a special feature called Bjork Digital, followed by a Bjork DJ Set at the SonarHall. Yes, a BJORK DJ SET! I am so excited I can barely contain myself.

Sonar Club

If being in Barcelona and taking part in the festival isn’t amazing enough with the sun and beautiful people, the next thing to preoccupy my mind is fashion. I love festival fashion, there is something so special and exciting about it.

Festivals inspire people to be more creative with their fashion, it’s like a magical bubble where anything goes. I love seeing what other men and women wear to festivals because it is a unique space where people feel able to try and do new things, whether that is a louder t-shirt, glitter everywhere or brighter colours. It is like a carnival for fashion.

My Sonar go-to outfits usually include denim hot pants and a cami top (a festival staple), a short bright playsuit (how can anyone party without one) and a short dress of some descript (there seems to be a short theme here). On my feet it will either be Nikes, Converse or a pair of cute sandals. I need to be certain I can dance all day and night, so comfy yet good looking shoes are a must.


There’s lots of lovely prints out there to choose from at the moment, such as geo-tribal prints and beautiful bold flower looks or strong statement t-shirts and who doesn’t love the modern boho look, with braids, feathers, flowers and kimono’s?


Whichever look you go for, make sure it is low maintenance and you can move from sundown through to sunrise! So, you will be needing your sunnies for sure, and last but by no means least don’t forget lashings of brightly coloured lipstick. No outfit is complete without in my opinion. So, here’s to long sunny days, balmy nights, tonnes of festival fun and donning our finest outfits whilst throwing shapes to the best music out there.

Sonar Fashion

Happy Festival Season Folks!


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