What Women Must Wear As They Get Older – WTF?!

What must women wear as they get older? WHATEVER THE F#*K THEY WANT!

There, phew, got that one off my chest pretty fast. With so many pressures and expectations on women and men to look and behave a certain way as we age, I think that as we get older surely one of the best things about ageing is getting away with whatever you want?

I really detest that fact that for some reason as we get old we are expected to tone it down, play it safe and blend in. REALLY? Well if you want to blend in and play it safe you are free to do so but as long as you are doing so because you genuinely want too, rather than think that is what is expected of you and therefore you are must conform.

I am of course talking about fashion here. I often hear my mother in law (who is a gorgeous women) drool over dresses she feels she can no longer wear due to age. This makes me sad. Why can’t a woman in her 60’s where a fitted fifties halter neck dress if she wants too? I appreciate our bodies change as we get older however does that mean we have to stay away from bright colours, cuts and attractive outfits? God no!

I think we live in an exciting age now where more than ever mothers and daughters, fathers and sons are now starting to shop in the same stores and wear the same labels. Being free to do so and feeling that you can is important to me.

As you may have guessed I detest restrictions, and I think in fashion we should be free to do what we want.  I guess living here in Brighton/England I see this more than most. When a person skates past me on their board, I used to double take because I would realise it is not a kid, but I guy in his forties. That sums up Brighton for me and taught me that age shouldn’t hold us back for doing what we really want. Women stroll past me in their 50s, 60s and 70s and they’re rocking bright coloured hair, piercings, funky trainers, band t-shirts, ripped jeans and leather jackets with bright red lipstick.

The point I am making is that age should never be a restriction on how we express ourselves through fashion. My dad is a great example here too, as he is a Rocker and at the age of 70 he still rides his Harley Davidson and dons the café racer jacket and jeans.

Be brave to buy and wear the clothes that you really like and love. Don’t ever let age be a blocker on how you wish to express yourself in your fashion choices.

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