Wear What Makes You Happy – Stylist

The clothes you wear must be a source of joy for you otherwise, what is the point! I know that might be a grand statement to make, however when you think about it, your clothes play way more than a practical function and with so many choices on offer, surely it makes sense to buy and wear clothes that really enhance your self-esteem and sense of joy.

I really love fashion, as you can tell from my blog and I what I’m doing is really aiming to spread and share that joy. I also know that our bodies can be a source of anxiety for us, on many levels. We all have that voice in our head that tries to put ourselves down aka ‘ ‘oooh my bum, it’s too big, my thighs don’t look good, my boobs are too big or I am not sure about my tummy’ and on and on and on. But what if you stopped listening to the stupid annoying voice and actually said ‘I do look good in that, l love how my bum looks in those shorts, my boobs look great when I put this on’! What a lovely place our minds would be.

Think about a time when you put on an outfit and thought yes, I look and feel amazing. Well what I am saying is, why can’t everyday be like that?

I am not foolish of course, I know that life has its up and downs but when it comes to putting on your clothes for the day, it should really boost your mood. When you look in the mirror before you walk out of the front door, you should feel confident and happy about the reflection looking back at you.

That’s just one of the reasons why I love clothes so much, because they really do have the power to lift our self-esteem. So next time you are standing in front of your wardrobe thinking what shall I wear today? Ask yourself this, what clothes do I have that bring me joy when I put them on? I think you’ll find the answer pretty quickly. So only buy and wear clothes that add value to you and your day.  You can only gain by doing so.

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