Gender Neutral Dressing – Stylist

I really LOVE this concept. Its easy to follow and I love the fact that we can all wear the same clothes. I don’t mean that in a clone like way, but in a way that allows us to all wear the same cuts and colours if we so choose. More now than ever, men and women’s fashion are coming closer together. Less rules and more equality in the fashion department. So many labels have been doing this inadvertently for sometime aka the infamous (white) converse boot. It looks awesome on men and women of all ages in my book. However gender neutral dressing is now being acknowledged more on the runways and in store. Less his and hers and more ‘ours’.

I love the idea of having a wardrobe that can be shared. I am not sure my husband would agree, he is very protective of his wardrobe and his wardrobe space, largely because my wardrobe dominates our shared spaces. However the notion that we can both delve in and wear the same clothes feels like a whole lot of fun for me (obvs not at the same time – couples wearing the same outfit is a bit cringe).

I think gender neutral dressing translates more into women shopping in the men’s departments however pink is fast becoming a colour choice for men now too. And why the hell not, men in pink can often look brilliant and why should it only be a girls colour. It is politically loaded in a way as women can wear men’s clothes but this more often than not doesn’t translate the other way, which is a shame. This isn’t a new thing in anyway, unisex has been around for over 30 years, however designers are really bringing this to the fore.

This concept for men and women means there are fewer boundaries about what they choose to put on, and anything that breaks boundaries is good in my book.

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