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When people look back at this era there is one thing in fashion that really stands out and that’s the rise in popularity of tattoos. I think back in the day when our parents were young, free and single, tattoos where really only reserved for sailors and dodgy men. Apologies for the stereotyping there, but it certainly wasn’t accepted in the mainstream. Tattoos were not accepted as the norm at all, if anything only a couple of generations ago it was seen as quite deviant behaviour. Oh how the tables have turned.

Now it is hard to spot someone who doesn’t have a tattoo. Isn’t that funny. How has this happened? Well for starters, sportsmen/women (in particular footballers, cricketers and rugby) men have brought them more into the public eye. Also big stars of our time seem to be brandishing them too from people like Lady Gaga to Rhinanna. So for many young men and women it is no surprise really that more and more people have started to become comfortable with the notion of experimenting with tattoos.

For me they really are permanent accessories. So do think carefully and wisely about what you choose to have on your body and where. The best tattoo artists have years on their waiting lists, which is no bad thing, as you’ll know that this person is in demand. Quality is essential when it comes to ink. Push your budget as much as you can to book the best artists in their tattoo specialism, as it is permanent and you really can’t afford not too. It is not something you’d want to do on a low-budget.

I have 2 chest pieces which I love, from a Japanese artist called Kenji Alucky, who goes by the name of Black Ink Power. I love them. Do I want more? Yes and I have some plans, however I first have to save some serious dollar first before being able to afford the artists that I want.

What I love about tattoo culture is that it encourages people to strive for their individuality. We are all unique and yet humanly the same. So choosing to indulge in some serious ink means you are expressing yourself and self-expression is good for you!

Just make sure you are 100% committed to it. Love your design and love your tattoo artist for their skill. No drunken tattoos please otherwise yes, you do run the risk of regretting it and no one likes to feel regretful about thier actions, especially when it comes to your ink.

There are so many styles to choose from, I personally love geometric, dotwork, mandala and henna. Beautiful and timeless.

So if you are tempted and have been thinking about it, why not just go for it, as life is too short not to.  Just be sure you can love your art for a life time, as it is the one accessory you can’t take off. Trust your heart and if it says yes, then dive in as I sincerely doubt you will regret it.


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