What Is Your Disco Outfit? – Stylist

What is your disco outfit? Dancing brings me a huge amount joy. In fact that is what dancing is for me in my eyes. So when you go dancing (to any type of music) what is your favourite outfit style? I think this can be really telling, as I guess your going ‘out-out’ outfit can really send messages about how you feel about yourself. Confidence, sexiness, loud, shy, conservative, non conformist and so on.

Gone are the days that I would go out in heels, for me I need to know that my feet (back, knees and hips) are going to last the night. I expect to do a lot of dancing, so trainers are my go to, for sure now.

So what are people wearing for a day and night of dancing these days? I think there is a really strong emphasis from fashion designers/labels for women to go short or low. By that I mean short dresses or low cut tops. But what about women that don’t want to get their body parts out? Men get it so much easier in this department, jeans, trousers, shirts, t-shirts – that’s about it really isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong I am happy to flash a bit of flesh, however over sexualisation in fashion can be a bit much sometimes. So, with trends leaning towards more causal looks, and fusing casual with dressing up there is a sweet alternative.

Here are my basic fashion rules when it comes to dressing up for day/nights out which are quite easy to follow and I think make for a better overall look. Choose your body part, go low or go high don’t do both. Both is a tad over baring and it can stop being about fashion and start being about the body.

So what about going casual? Dressing up a casual look is so easy. Just add some bling whether that’s big earrings, a statement necklace, or big bangles and not forgetting a punchy bright lipstick and you are good to go. Effortless and hot all at the same time.

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