Wedding Season, Bring It On- Stylist

Spring is here and the wedding season is upon us! I bloody love this time of year. I feel so lucky to get invites to so many weddings – every year we average about three to six!

Each wedding season brings a new look with new colours and trends. As you know, weddings are so utterly special, and its an honour to be invited to one, whether to the whole sh-bang or the party afterwards. What this means is we have full permission to go the extra mile with our fashion choices, hair and make-up included! Hurrah. Pure joy.

So what is happening this spring/summer and what sort of dress choices can we make? For starters, knowing your body shape is going to help a lot.  I am a bit of an apple, so empire lines or waistline plumes look fab on me. If you are an hourglass, halternecks can add to your lovely curves, topped with a shall. For slim, athletic types, short, fitted shift dresses always look awesome, showing off those legs!

People tend to go wild for coordination, matching shoes, bags, hats and dresses but my advice would be to go easy on that. Too much coordination can make you look like you’ve just walked out of a fancy dress shop. Neutrals, pastels, frills, boho and flower prints seem to be making their way into this season’s wedding fashion trends. Elegance is key at a wedding. Well, in appearance at first and then after a few drinks less so. LOLs.

Playsuits are also making the edit, and I just love them. Long, short any which way – they are fun and always good for a party. So what the hell am I going to wear? I have 3 lined up this year, one in April, one in May and then one in August – whoop whoop. The question is do I wear the same outfit three times (as there is no people crossover, so no wedding party will technically know) or do I indulge and get 3 outfits? Yes, that is what I will do, I think, as it means I can spoil myself. Yippeeee.

Happy wedding season and here’s to your awesome summer wedding fashion and celebrating love.

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