Don’t Be a Slave – Stylist

Fashion trends are there to guide us, inspire us and give us more options. Fashion trends can also be seen as a vehicle to make us buy more than we really need. Fast fashion hasn’t been around that long, in fact nor has the fashion industry at being less than approx. 100 years old.

As a massive fan of fashion and someone who gains a huge amount of joy from it, I am always going to advocate for it in a positive way, however what I am getting at is that we mustn’t be slaves to it. Following trends religiously for me is a massive no-no because I believe that fashion offers us a chance to be creative. It is there to used by us, in ways that empower us and make us feel good.

If we get too caught up with every new seasons looks, colours, cuts, labels then we end up allowing ourselves to be dictated too rather than acting as active participators.

I use that term a lot when talking about fashion and what I mean by that is, we should play key role in the decision-making of how we create our looks and shape our style. We should all play with, question, explore and criticise fashion as and when we feel. If you simply follow fashion and each seasonal trend without questioning it, will you truthfully ever own your style, or does fashion own you?

So don’t be a slave to fashion, let it be your ally, friend and your tool. Dictate your own style and love how you look, because you own it not somebody else.

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