How To Mix High-End with Low-End Fashion- Stylist

We all want to look our best and we want to look our best with what we have. I believe a wardrobe that is going to give you the best variety in styles is one that mixes high-end  with low-end clothes including charity and vintage clothes.

With hybrid trends leading the way, now is the perfect time to diversify your wardrobe. Being open to having a mixture of options, gives you the tools to be able to play with more combinations. This means more outfits with what you have for a range of going out/or staying in activities.

So the rule that I follow is that I NEVER dress head to toe in one brand, label or style. So for example I won’t just wear Ted Baker,  nor will I just wear Primark. I won’t just dress in designer, charity or just vintage clothes. Why? Because I think if you just wear one designer or one style, the overall image can become bland. How you mix and match is up to you, however by doing this, it can help make your overall look more exciting, dynamic and fresh.

A good example of this is what I am wearing today: Primark skinnies and classic black t-shirt, with liberty print Nike’s and a rare vintage ‘Super Lovers’ jacket from the 90s. If I had just been wearing Primark, it would have looked a tad naff and cheap, however if I was just wearing vintage, I might look a bit random and eclectic (no bad thing it that is your style btw).

I am just offering you a clothes rule that I use which tends to work 99.9% of the time. We all have a budget to work within, and by following this rule it can add value to your overall look and wardrobe.  Give it a go and let know how you get on.

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