Stop Calling It Plus Size! – Insider

Stop the press, the fashion industry has just started to realise that there are women who are over the size of 12 !!! Wow – what took them so so so so so long? It seems so strange and a tad ignorant to me really, that brands are starting to acknowledge that, yes there are women out there that love fashion, have serious curves, and have money to spend.

‘Inclusive Fashion’ is the term that seems to be banded about at the moment and labels like Nike are showing willing, for example by launching a range of sportswear for larger women, as well a Hijabs for women who are keen to play sport, but need to continue to have their hair covered for religious purposes.

I do prefer the term ‘Inclusive Fashion’, as it suggests that everyone is included such as age, size and gender. However, we all know there are certain labels, brands and high street shops that are still keen to ignore women above a size 14. Shame on you!

To encourage an industry that is truly inclusive perhaps we need to consider dropping the term ‘Plus Size’ all together, it is after all just a size like any other size, so why do we feel the need to single larger women out with this label. Clothing lines and designers need to take into consideration women and men of all shapes and sizes when creating their ranges. And quite frankly stop making a big deal out of this.

The average size for women in the UK is now 16, and it has been acknowledged that waistlines across the globe, for whatever reason, good or bad are on the increase and the fashion industry needs to respond in a positive way. From the designers, to the catwalk, to the marketing and the shops. Better representation of people of all shapes and sizes will make for a more inclusive industry, so stop calling it Plus Size and accept it is just a size like any other.

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