Combination is Key – Stylist

Putting clothes together and creating a look that you feel good in is so important. Sometimes this can feel a tad tricky. What top with what bottoms/shoes and accessories? Which hair do? What make-up? It can easily feel a bit daunting if you’re trying to figure out an outfit for a date or a job interview.

The easiest rule to follow in this set of circumstances is this one: Combination is Key! By this I mean placing key items together that truly complement one another. To give you an easy example, lets just talk about colours. It is easy to go over the top with this one, so I actually think subtlety is really important. When we think of over doing it with colour combining here is a good example. Red lipstick, red dress, red heels, red bag… already the idea of this outfit is giving me a headache. To be fair to red, if done well, it can look amazing however, monochrome dressing is a whole other blog post discussion.

Perhaps opting for red lipstick, red shoes with a black dress. It is about balancing the eye and the colours so that the colour pulls the outfit together rather than dominate it.

Lets say you have a dress that has lots of colours in it, what then? You pick a colour in the dress that you would like to work with. For example, your dress has blue, pink and white. Perhaps then you opt for blue eyeliner and white shoes. The devil is in the detail as they say! So subtly weaving in colours that feature in your main garment means that when the eye falls on the outfit, it harmonises and is pleasing to the eye. To me it naturally feels coordinated and brings the look together.

Give it go. Next time you are putting an outfit together, pick a colour that features within it and bring that colour through again in another part of the outfit. I am confident that you will like the result.


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