Perfectionism Is Bulsh*t – WTF?!

Perfection is Bulsh*t. Yes, let that sink in, because as women and men that is hard to grasp. Somehow, along the line, there seems to be this cultural acceptance that women (predominantly) need to be perfect at all times, in all contexts, work, home, physically and so on.

In fashion, this can often translate into perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect skin, perfect size, perfect lashes, and on and on and on. This is NOT REALISTIC. So why do so many of us strive for this? Quite frankly, it is unfair and cruel to expect women and people in general to be so perfect.

It is a false hope that everyone will fall short of. I think men too are now starting to feel the strain. With advertisements for dyeing grey hair and many anti-ageing creams for skin, now men aren’t allowed to grow old either. What a shame, because that is something no one can stop. We change and so do our bodies, so why deny that?

In a world of social media, I think there is a movement towards more enlightened thinking. More people are willing to challenge the status quo, however when I look at mainstream fashion, I see a whole lot of young women going over the top to reach perfection – aka false nails, false lashes, extreme contouring, people in their 20’s botoxing.

I can’t help but feel we are being force fed rubbish, to fund businesses that capitalise on the notion that none of us are good enough. Not our hair, not our bodies, not our skin, not our nails – when in reality the opposite is true.

Our imperfections are our perfections, our quirks, freckles, lumps and bumps are all part of being human and it would be good to see mainstream culture embrace and celebrate this, rather than smother it.

There is an epic essay in this topic, a PHD if you will, however I will spare you the in depth analysis here and now. The key point to recognise is that perfection is a false promise, that no one should buy into it. So stop giving yourself a hard time for not being a size 10, with long curly lashes and oversized lips with no lines on your face. It is ridiculous to expect this and in the fashion industry there is lots of smoke and mirrors. So when you look in the mirror be sure not to distort it based on false hopes and promises about how you think you should look.

You are beautiful, you are perfect in every way, just by being you. FACT.

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