Fashion Risks And Why You Should Take Them – Stylist

Just saying the words ‘fashion risks’ must put the fear into many. Even I need to think about it and consider what does that actually mean to me? I think the word risk can conjure up all sorts of concerns and apprehensions. However, I truly believe that we can all gain from taking a few more fashion risks.

The trouble with playing it safe all the time means we limit ourselves in all kinds of ways. In the context of fashion, you could be just one step away from a whole new look that makes you feel confident, strong and beautiful. Yet without taking that risk, you will never ever know.

Being brave and taking risks means we open ourselves up to personal growth. You can’t really grow without stepping out of your comfort zone. Fashion gives us this opportunity all the time, however it is down to us as individuals to take these risks.  It needn’t be extreme. To get you started try with something small, like a lipstick colour, bright nails or earrings. Trying something new means you can be open to new ways of doing things, and this ultimately broadens your horizons in the long-term.

Fashion is a creative tool, use it well and it can enhance the way we feel in a positive way. Use it badly and again it can accentuate that feeling.

Taking fashion risks helps to create a new mindset, one that reinforces your decision-making skills, whilst identifying that you are being brave by trying something new. That will present a whole new raft of fashion choices. If it doesn’t work out, at least you had the courage to try. That is much more important anyway.

Because I am talking in the context of fashion, taking a risk and failing is not going to be disastrous. If anything, when you are really old, you will have some photos to look back on and laugh out loud at. Life is too short to play it safe all the time. When it comes to fashion, push your boundaries and take some risks. Regardless of the outcome, in the long run you will always benefit. I promise.

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