Tokyo Fashion Week – What a Breath of Fresh Air! – Insider

There is something extra special and exciting about Tokyo Fashion Week. It’s hard to put your finger on it. Fashion on the streets of Tokyo, for me, really does set the standard. Bold, brave and trendsetting are just a few words that spring to mind.

Layers, tailoring, colours and exciting emerging designers from emerging markets. It feels so new, as opposed to old and well established fashion houses from Paris, London and Milan. Don’t get me wrong, a new line from Dior is always exciting. However, new people, new designers and new trends from a part of the globe that is keen to make its mark does grab my imagination.

Tokyo doesn’t follow trends, it strives against boundaries forcing colours, cuts, textures and prints into a whole new level.

Street fashion in Tokyo reminds me that we can be so much more bold than we often are here in the UK. I accept that is a sweeping generalisation, and of course there are people here doing things differently, using fashion to make a new statement. I live in Brighton and get to see this more often than most, but the scene in Tokyo seems to go one step beyond. I love that.

The runways were certainly serving up something new, from hoodies, to layers, to bright prints, hot pink, functional clothing, textures, trainers to harnesses. Wabi – Sabi was the overall theme, a concept from Japan defined as ‘imperfectly beautiful’ recognising the beauty is in us all whilst the natural erosion of life takes place. I am drawn to this concept, as it acknowledges that we are different, imperfect yet still beautiful. A refreshing way to view the world and ourselves, wouldn’t you agree?

Want to see what I am talking about? Here is a link to Vogue’s street style edit, which I think is sublime:

And if you want more here is a wicked site with a few more street snaps from Tokyo to admire:

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