Bring On The Braids – Stylist

I am so happy to see this trend sticking around! It was a bloody awesome look last spring/summer and it’s still a bloody awesome look this spring/summer. There are so many reasons why I love this look. It’s clear, crisp and creative. There are so many ways you can choose to indulge this trend. Little braids, long braids, Dutch braids, French braids, bo-ho braids and so on. Going to a festival? Stick some flowers in them, or throw glitter in the partings. Add ribbons or not?!

The prerequisite is that you need mid-long length hair. Sorry to my shorter haired friends, this one will be a bit harder to pull off, if at all.

On a hot day at a festival or a long night out, this hair style can go the distance, keeping you looking neat and tidy no matter how much you do. Plus, you can don this look in pretty much any situation being work, working out, going out or going out out! (One for my Mickey Flannagan fans!).

Plus if you have a balayage, which I do now, (yippeee) then braids look extra cool, with all the flicks of colour that shine through. So, now for the tricky bit. I love Dutch braids, they are my personal fave, however I can’t put them in for love nor money. I have watched the You Tube videos, and marvelled at how these women can just put them in so easily.

So if you lack braiding skills, fear not. There will always be someone you know that can help, phew! Where would be without our hair braiding friends. Last year, I paid my hair dresser just twenty five quid. So for me this is a special occasion hair, for festivals and parties!

Either way, I fully endorse this look, its so fresh, fun and funky. Enjoy.

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