Over Sized Sleeves, Frills & Faff – WTF?!

Over sized sleeves, not very practical are they? If I’m honest with you, I am not really sure about this trend. Having your sleeves fall past your hands, or so wide you could fit a small dog up them! I think it just looks a tad odd, or is that just me? I live by the sea so with massive sail-like sleeves I run the risk of being blown away with this trend!

I whole heartedly appreciate this look is super creative and I really like the fact that designers are playing with this. I do like fashion when it follows the playful path, however I am just a touch dubious about this one. And, then there are frills to boot, they are just so faffy. I think there are lots of people that can pull this look off but the truth is, over sized sleeves are just not for me. The thought of having lots of frills on my shirt or skirt makes me shudder. The faffy nature of this trend goes further too, with ruches, draw strings and so on. I prefer block colours and sharp lines. If I am going to get my fashion faff on it is more likely to be through accessories, hair and make-up.

So how do you faff with fashion and how do you get your fashion faff on? Is it with the new over sized sleeves and frills with an extra portion of faff? Who knows….. But you can be sure it won’t be me.

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