What’s Your Uniform? – Stylist

What is your uniform? What this question means is what is your go-to look? What do you know, trust and wear the most?  I really like this concept, it means you have a sense of your own style and what really works for you.

Most people will have one without even realising this. I think potentially we are all creatures of habit to some degree, so buying similar clothes is something we might all do. For example, my husband’s uniform on the weekend, is skinny jeans, trainers and a jumper. He loves this look and has rocked it for years. Sure, the jumpers change and so do the trainers, but overall that is his go-to. In the summer, he mixes it up with 3/4 length shorts and t-shirts instead.

Having said that, I am not sure what my uniform is. I love playing with clothes, cuts, colours and styles so much that I can really mix it up from one day the next. However, if I put my thinking cap on, I definitely have some uniform items. So in the winter it is my navy parker or faux fur jacket. I wear brogues all year round (practically) for work. I always have my nails painted and pretty much wear lipstick everyday. I love shirts under jumpers and statement necklaces in the winter. So there are just a few.

Having a uniform of any kind can help you feel organised and in control. It can help save you time in the mornings and make shopping easier. This isn’t about putting you in the same clothes everyday. It’s about helping you know what are your go-to pieces so you can save some time, and know that you look good, It gives you instant confidence.

So what is your uniform? What do you wear a lot and why? It is worth thinking about and if you would like some help with this, then get in touch! I would love to help you figure this one out.

Drop me a note for a free, no obligation consultation on francesca@fashion-lives-here.com





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