To Balayage or Not to Balayage? – Stylist

To balayage or not to balayage – that is the question?

To balayage of course!

I love this look, it just so fresh and funky on all hair colours and types. There is so many approaches to this look and if you want to go the extra mile there are loads of gorgeous colours to play with too! Who doesn’t love all these candy colours flying about, what a fun time it is turning out to be in the world of fashion!

I am a natural curly red head, and over the years I have been VERY reluctant to use dye in anyway shape or form however the balayage is too tempting to pass up.

My hairdresser is the most delightful Spanish gay guy, he adores my red curls and I adore him – sadly he is moving back to Spain this spring so we’ve had the chat and we are both agreed, a natural Californian balayage is the way forward for my fresh spring/summer look.

This will be my final haircut/style session with him (sad-face) however I know we are going to have such a scream giving me this new style. Truth be known, I have not tampered with my hair colour for almost 2 decades !!!!

Why am I telling you all this, because we have always mulled over haircuts we’ve wanted and for some reason or another we’ve bottle out, played it safe and usually got the same haircut/colour we have always had (well, I certainly have anyway).

Why not be brave this spring/summer and go for that cut, go for that colour or go for that style you’ve always wanted because lets face it life is just too short not too!

Send me some pictures of your fresh new looks to

I want to see the before and afters please!

F x

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