Teeny Tiny Bags – Stylist

I love bags all bags, handbags, clutches, shoulder bags, rucksacks, canvas bags, and over the years I have had loads of them. All colours, shapes and sizes. To be honest, it could have easily become an obsession, along with my love for faux fur coats and shoes!

Let me introduce you to this spring/summer’s new bag, its teeny and its tiny. I love this look, its fun, different and a bit quirky too.

For so many years I have lugged around fairly large bags, partly because my lifestyle demanded it, however going simple is really refreshing for me. Big bags are fab and I love them however, we all know the perils and pitfalls with big bags, we fill them up, to the brim. They become heavy and the fact is, we probably use about 20% of whats in it. To be fair here in the UK, we kind of need bigger bags too. Let’s be honest in spring/summer we need to be ready for everything. One needs to pack: sunnies/umbrella/mac/lipsticks and the list goes on. Although I must say this trend is worth giving a try, go on liberate yourself from your big heavy bag

I discovered in the ladies loos of a pub during a Christmas works do last year that a dear friend of mine was actually carrying nine different Chanel lipsticks (I am actually really impressed by this!) My point is, that if you opt for this trend you are going to have to do a full handbag audit and only carry the bare essentials: Phone/Wallet/Keys/1 Lipstick/Sunnies/1 Canvas Shopper etc.

I have bought a small black bench shoulder bag, that is slightly smaller than an A5. At last I can walk around and not feel so weighted down. How has it taken me over 20 years to realise that travelling light makes everything so much easier. I am still packing it to the brim, however the size means it can never be heavy! Hurrah.

Long live the tiny bag!



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