Luxe Tracksuits, Jog On- WTF?!

Paris Fashion Week has been flaunting some interesting looks and by that, I mean luxury tracksuits. LOLs.  Really, do we have to go there? I know ‘Athleisure’ is making it’s mark but oh my days, luxe trackuits just make me cringe.

Who can really pull these off? The answer to that is few and far between. Who can remember those really tacky pink juicy couture tracksuits, yuk and if we go back further in fashion time, the shell suit. It was crappy then and quite frankly walking around in track suits (if you are not partaking in sport) is a crappy look now too.

I am really laying into this trend so apologies if you disagree with me. However I need to point out that if you choose to indulge in this look, which you have every right to, be prepared to look like an extra that has just walked off the set of Anchor Man, the movie.

Why do I detest this look so much? The lady doth protest too much me thinks!

I think the answer is because overall they do nothing for one’s figure. Except hide it, and if you are prone to curves, you’re likely to look wedged into it. They are practical and comfy but Luxe Tracksuits are hideous looking and over priced with a Gucci jacket starting at $2,400. Quite frankly they should be left to over paid sports people aka footballers. I also think this look lacks imagination, by quite a margin and the colours are dreary as hell. This is Paris Fashion Week, what a let down.

So there we have it, this is a big no-no for me. But then hey, it’s just my opinion, if you fancy parting with your hard-earned cash, to buy a dreary, overpriced piece of velour, go for it. You are free to wear what you want.

Rant over.


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