Perfectionism Is Bulsh*t – WTF?!

Perfection is Bulsh*t. Yes, let that sink in, because as women and men that is hard to grasp. Somehow, along the line, there seems to be this cultural acceptance that women (predominantly) need to be perfect at all times, in all contexts, work, home, physically and so on. In fashion, this can often translate into perfect hair, perfect nails, perfect skin, perfect size, perfect lashes, … Continue reading Perfectionism Is Bulsh*t – WTF?!

Fashion Risks And Why You Should Take Them – Stylist

Just saying the words ‘fashion risks’ must put the fear into many. Even I need to think about it and consider what does that actually mean to me? I think the word risk can conjure up all sorts of concerns and apprehensions. However, I truly believe that we can all gain from taking a few more fashion risks. The trouble with playing it safe all the … Continue reading Fashion Risks And Why You Should Take Them – Stylist

Tokyo Fashion Week – What a Breath of Fresh Air! – Insider

There is something extra special and exciting about Tokyo Fashion Week. It’s hard to put your finger on it. Fashion on the streets of Tokyo, for me, really does set the standard. Bold, brave and trendsetting are just a few words that spring to mind. Layers, tailoring, colours and exciting emerging designers from emerging markets. It feels so new, as opposed to old and well … Continue reading Tokyo Fashion Week – What a Breath of Fresh Air! – Insider

Bring On The Braids – Stylist

I am so happy to see this trend sticking around! It was a bloody awesome look last spring/summer and it’s still a bloody awesome look this spring/summer. There are so many reasons why I love this look. It’s clear, crisp and creative. There are so many ways you can choose to indulge this trend. Little braids, long braids, Dutch braids, French braids, bo-ho braids and … Continue reading Bring On The Braids – Stylist

Over Sized Sleeves, Frills & Faff – WTF?!

Over sized sleeves, not very practical are they? If I’m honest with you, I am not really sure about this trend. Having your sleeves fall past your hands, or so wide you could fit a small dog up them! I think it just looks a tad odd, or is that just me? I live by the sea so with massive sail-like sleeves I run the risk … Continue reading Over Sized Sleeves, Frills & Faff – WTF?!

Canary Yellow Dress? Yes Why Not – Stylist

Spring has sprung and what a lovely way to acknowledge this with a yellow dress! This colour is making waves across the fashion industry and it makes sense. When you think of the spring, what colour do you think of? Yellow is often the first colour I associate with this fresh season. Spring is such a special time of year. Who doesn’t love the longer … Continue reading Canary Yellow Dress? Yes Why Not – Stylist

What’s Your Uniform? – Stylist

What is your uniform? What this question means is what is your go-to look? What do you know, trust and wear the most?  I really like this concept, it means you have a sense of your own style and what really works for you. Most people will have one without even realising this. I think potentially we are all creatures of habit to some degree, … Continue reading What’s Your Uniform? – Stylist

To Balayage or Not to Balayage? – Stylist

To balayage or not to balayage – that is the question? To balayage of course! I love this look, it just so fresh and funky on all hair colours and types. There is so many approaches to this look and if you want to go the extra mile there are loads of gorgeous colours to play with too! Who doesn’t love all these candy colours … Continue reading To Balayage or Not to Balayage? – Stylist

Teeny Tiny Bags – Stylist

I love bags all bags, handbags, clutches, shoulder bags, rucksacks, canvas bags, and over the years I have had loads of them. All colours, shapes and sizes. To be honest, it could have easily become an obsession, along with my love for faux fur coats and shoes! Let me introduce you to this spring/summer’s new bag, its teeny and its tiny. I love this look, … Continue reading Teeny Tiny Bags – Stylist

Luxe Tracksuits, Jog On- WTF?!

Paris Fashion Week has been flaunting some interesting looks and by that, I mean luxury tracksuits. LOLs.  Really, do we have to go there? I know ‘Athleisure’ is making it’s mark but oh my days, luxe trackuits just make me cringe. Who can really pull these off? The answer to that is few and far between. Who can remember those really tacky pink juicy couture … Continue reading Luxe Tracksuits, Jog On- WTF?!