Power Dressing – Stylist

Power dressing, noun: the practice of dressing in a style intended to show that one holds an important position in business, politics, etc.
So there you have it, that’s an official description, for men this is relatively easy, I know that is a massive sweeping generalisation and I can hear my partner telling me that is not quite fair to say that. He puts a lot of thought into his work image. But what I am getting at, is that power dressing for men is all about the suit. For women, I actually think this can be a bit of a mine field. Why? Because there are so many interpretations of what power dressing can look like.  Power dressing really came into effect during the 80s. It was all about emulating men, hence the big shoulder pads to broaden the stance and double breasted suit jacket that aim to flatter the female figure.
Women were entering the workforce and smashing it in the city (London). They were also known as the trailblazing generation, they were shattering glass ceilings and paving the way for more women in the square mile. Power dressing was key, as you had to look like you meant business to hustle with the men.
Power dressing today is still about showing you mean business, whilst being comfortable and being yourself.  There are still some key staples that are making their mark within this genre, such as the twin-set and colours like red and navy blue will always look strong. Double breasted blazers with shoulder pads are still sought after, and who doesn’t love a brogue! Pinstripes, over sized white shirts and the Mac will ALWAYS be part of this look. If you feel the need for all year round power dressing these items will serve you best!
This look requires clear lines and block colours which communicate to others you know what you are doing, you have focus and are in total control. It all needs to fit, so no pinching or pulling in anyway. Jewellery? Simple is best. Shoes not too high. No one looks powerful hobbling.
Make-up fresh, not too heavy and if you are going in for maximum impact, the red lipstick will always pack a punch. Just go easy on the eyes otherwise you will look overdone and that’s just really distracting.
At the end of the day, you need to wear what makes you feel confident, and good fitting clothes, flattering colours, wearing shoes you love will always give you the power you need, whatever you do.
Here’s to power dressing and powerful women!

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