Drowning in Costume Jewellery? – Stylist

I had a bit of sort out last Sunday and I have come to the conclusion that over the years I have definitely spent way too much money on costume jewellery. Necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings (all shapes, sizes and materials). I love it, I really do but part of me is wondering if maybe I should be buying more precious metal items that will last a life time.

I was in Portsmouth this month with one of my best mates. Sadly her mum passed away last year. A beautiful, creative and loving woman, who made the most perfect mother and wife. She left my friend her jewellery box, along with other loved items. However that really resonated with me, whilst I don’t have any children yet, I wondered if I had a daughter and left her my jewellery box, what would my imaginary daughter might say? Thanks for all the toot mum? LOLs.

To be fair, I do own some very beautiful pieces such as my wedding and engagement ring, however what I have come to realise is that all my jewellery, (actually worth anything) was pretty much given to my by my husband (or ex partners of which I have kept as a keep sake). In fact I have never spent lots of money on myself, when it comes to jewellery, I wonder why that is? Do our clothes purchases say something about how we feel about our own self-worth?

I think what I am getting at is maybe if I want to be more sustainable in my fashion purchases, perhaps I should not buy anymore costume jewellery and instead at the end of each year, buy something of value that will never go out of fashion and will last a life time and when I die, my daughter will be pleased, delighted in fact, such as a pair of diamond earrings?

How lavish is that! Yes, that’s what I am going to do. Perhaps we should all give it a go. Save our pennies, ditch the costume jewellery and buy something of worth. Until then though, I am more than happy to wear my old costume jewellery. I love toot!








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