What Were You Wearing in 1997?-Stylist

Oh My Days! I know you might be feeling my pain too, where has the last 20 years gone? So much has happened. Or you might be thinking, I wasn’t there. The last 20 years have been amazing for me as they have been sh*t. Just being honest with you, anyway this post is not about dissecting the last 20 years, its about celebrating fashion from my youth!

I love the fact that this style is having a real revival, well it is kind of mandatory. Fashion makes a habit of honouring the fashion/music/styles 20 years back. So, now its the 90s turns.

In fact a top tip for you now, is save some little gems in your wardrobe from 2017 because in 2037 (eyewatering thought) the fashion scene will be looking back at 2017!

So what was I wearing in ’97 – well that was the year I finished my A-Levels, picked up my results and got on the train to Reading ¬†Festival. So I was likely to be wearing jeans (homemade flairs), band t-shirt and DMs. A staple look in my opinion that still rocks today. Yes I do own a pair of dungrees from the 90s and I still wear them today, winning.

I was just getting into the likes of Drum and Bass dance music then, so I would have been wearing low slung combat trousers and a cami top with thong on show. Standard! Fun times.

The 90s is a strong look and actually there is real variety to that fashion era. Music was becoming more diverse at a rate of nots; Seattle Rock, Brit Pop, Drum n Bass, Hip Hop, Techno, Trance, Trip Hop, the list goes on. There were so many brand new sounds and they were all thriving. Back then music really influenced what you wore. You were also expected to pledge you allegience to one scene, not so much now! Scene, style and music is so much more fluid today, which suits me better, as I am into all of it!

Indulge, re-live, get to know it and go wild. If you weren’t going wild in the 90s, then what were you doing?

Long live 90s fashion.

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