What Is In Your Shoe Collection? -Stylist

Do you hoard shoes? I do. I can’t help it, I wouldn’t lay claim to having a shoe festish, however I do drool at shoes, a lot! I can’t help it. Where does this obsession come from? I have no idea. I wonder if there is some kind of strange genetic imprint from cave women times, where there was no such thing as a shoe and so as soon as one came along, it was love at first sight and has been for millennia?

I love high heels but the sad truth is I can’t ruddy walk in them! I have the most beautiful Kurt Geiger (KG) heels, I love them so much. So pretty, elegant and hot as hell, however I can’t move for toffee in them. Seriously even standing in them poses a challenge for me. Tragic. They f#*@ing hurt my feet, so cruel isn’t it! Whyyyyyyyyy???????.

So what should us modern people have in our shoe collection these days? When thinking about sustainable fashion we must buy shoes that will last. It’s much better to spend out a bit than fall into the ridiculous false economy of buying cheap sh*t and then replacing it every few months. I know I am guilty of this in the past but I am really trying now.

This is, in my opinion, what every modern woman should have in her shoe collection. I wont disclose/suggest quantities, as I shall leave that totally up to you and your wallet!

  1. Doctor Martins (DMs). They are winners, will last for decades and the best bit, the older they get the better they look. This rule applies to all DMs, whichever shoe type you go for.
  2. Converse trainers. Never go out of fashion, they always look cool. FACT.
  3. Brogues. Nothing looks more professional than a good brogue.
  4. Kurt Geiger (KG) heels. Obvs for looking at, and whatever else your imagination thinks of!
  5. KG boots. Knee highs preferably and platforms, because they always come back around in the trend cycle!
  6. Irregular Choice heels. For when you want/have that unsure/wild fashion moment.
  7. Nike trainers. Who can live without them?
  8. New Balance trainers. Seriously,  WOW. Its like wearing clouds on your feet.
  9. Gold thong sandles. Any will do!

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