Shoulder Sweepers- WTF?!

Right ok, lets get this straight I love big earrings, in fact I own a few pairs myself, but is it me or has the whole shoulder sweeper trend this spring/summer 17 gone a bit nuts this time?  Just in case you’re wondering what are shoulder sweepers, I mean big, fat, massive, long earrings. Yes that actually sweep the top of your shoulders.

I am a total magpie, so I am actually drawn to this trend. I love shiny, sparkly, coloured things (I know I am easily pleased!) However, I feel this trend has come back around, only this time it has come back with a vengeance, plus it is now on steroids. How does one approach this look?

I keep checking this trend out, like a magpie on a branch and wondering if I can actually go there. This look needs a bit more thinking, careful planning and quite frankly logistics too. So I have pulled together a little check list for us before we delve in.

Good luck and enjoy the swooshing of your earrings as you strut with your head up!

Things to think about when planning to don the ‘Shoulder Sweeper’ look:

  1. Do you have long hair and will it get in the way?
  2. What are you wearing on your top half, and will the earrings get caught?
  3. Are they actually really heavy and will they pull and stretch your lobes (are you ok with pain)?
  4. How big is too big (if they tickle your nipples you’ve gone too far, or have you)?
  5. I recommend keeping the shoulders and neckline as clear as possible, hectic big earrings means keeping it simple fashion wise on your top half.
  6. Do you have a ‘I don’t give a sh*t attitude’ as this trend seriously requires it.

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