I Love My Cape! – Stylist

March, at last. Phew. I can feel spring coming, I am not naive, I know the tricks that March has up its sleeve, there will be a cold snap as usual, we will all moan about it. Its England, what can I say, moaning about the weather is a national pastime. Me included.

What I love about this time of year is that its transitional and best of all we are transitioning into spring, what can be more exciting?

Well actually maybe just one thing:


I bloody love it, it looks awesome and when I wear it, it feels amazing. Seriously, go get one, its the best transitional weather wardrobe piece ever. Mine is camel colour, its double-breasted with brown buttons and has good pockets and it falls just past the derriere. Given that it is still early March, I need to double coat (another look  I totally approve of, another blog post in the making next winter). So underneath I have slipped a cafe racer navy blue jacket with a red/brown/pink scarf. BOOM.

I would avoid long capes personally unless you want to rock the wizard/harry potter look (I’m not into those at all) especially in dark colours, no thanks. Light coloured, shorter capes with good buttons and pockets look awesome and can complement any outfit, with boots, heels or brogues!

Get involved, this is a fab look that anyone can pull off.

There is something really special about a cape, I can’t work it out. Maybe because its just so different to coats, its linked to the past, super hero’s wear them or it swooshes as you walk. Who knows?

As we move from winter to spring, why not give it a go and let me know how it feels. I bet you will love it.



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