Berlin Inspired Fashion – Insider

I really do love Junya Wantanabe’s spring/summer 2017 collection. This Japanese designer is so unique, he really sets his own trends. Junya is in a league of his own and does whatever he feels his artistic expression is through fashion design and I truly admire that.

So how would I describe his style for this up and coming season? Here goes: punky, anarchic, architectural and layered. From ripped skinny black jeans appears broken fishnets, and on top slogan T-shirts through layers of black spikes, androgynous hair cuts and graphic eye make-up for both men and women.

This collection screams performance art, the models look like artistic installations  and overall it has plenty of aesthetically stimulating visual delights.

Think mixed materials such as leather, chiffon, silks, cotton and denim.  There is something quite sci-fi about this collection, as it pushes the boundaries of the everyday, its almost a sub-culture of the future. I like that his collection can stimulate creative thinking in the viewer, because really what you are looking at is art, that is the best description for this designer and his collections, they are actually wonderful pieces of art. I can only imagine what it might feel like to wear a piece, your body becomes the canvas and in all honesty his clothes wear you and have a life of their own.

This particular collection was inspired by graffiti crews in Berlin called 1UP and Berlin Kidsz, so I will be heading out there next weekend, to meet some new people and feel the energy for myself that has brought this entire spring/summer 17 collection to life.

Want to see his whole collection and more? Then just click here to get the full Junya Wantanabe flavour:

Let your thoughts run wild (as if you were in Berlin) and enjoy!

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