What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You? – Stylist

Something that I have come to learn is that our wardrobes can hold a lot of emotions for us. Whether its a dress you used to wear 10 years ago, that if it could talk would have many a tale. Or an old t-shirt that you love, that you can’t get rid off, or maybe clothes we cling onto that no longer fit with promises to ourselves that we will loose the weight and fit into them once again. Whatever it is, our wardrobes seem to capture our lives, memories (good and bad), moments, places and people.

If we are not careful it is easy for our wardrobes to become time capsules, rather than wardrobes that work for us. If we hold on to clothes that no longer fit us, this can slowly erode your confidence, not to mention squeezing yourself into clothes that no longer fit, convincing ourselves that they still look good, when in our hearts, we know its not true!

I am more guilty of this than anyone. I have 2 pairs of diesel jeans that I love, I know they don’t fit but I still hold onto them and every now and again I try them on thinking, this might be the moment, but it never is.  So what is my point?

My point is that the wardrobe needs to work for you, not against you. Your clothes must make you feel good when you wear them, giving you confidence no matter what you are doing. Our bodies change over time and the wardrobe needs to be your ally.

If you are holding on to the past but are now ready to move on and build on your confidence, the best place to start would be your wardrobe. Give yourself a full wardrobe audit and be ruthless. Let go of items that don’t fit or look old and don’t really suit you anymore. Give them to charity. This is a therapeutic process, it allows you to make way for new items that will serve you better.

I know this can be a scary thing to do, however it will be worth it and if you need a helping hand, give me a shout. In under 3 hours, I can run a full wardrobe assessment for you (dependant on the size of your wardrobe of course), identify key pieces to keep, let go of and advise you on new pieces to enhance what you have.

I really enjoy doing this because I know what a difference it makes, and no matter how painful it might be, the end result will be a positive one.

If you live in the South East/UK, contact me on francesca@fashion-lives-here.com to enquire about your wardrobe audit. If would be my pleasure to help you get your wardrobe in order.

P.S. If you are wondering what my plan is for those diesel jeans, I have set myself a goal. If they don’t fit by the 1st June, I am going to say goodbye them.





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