Negative Space Nails! – Stylist

What fun! So refreshing isn’t it to see some really fresh and funky ideas coming to the fore regarding nail fashion. I have slaved over my nails for years, I am really fortunate, thanks to genetics I can grow beautifully naturally long nails (apologies for the brag), that ironically often get mistaken for falsies, funny isn’t it.

I really love this trend for so many reasons. Firstly, it is really playful. You can technically do whatever the hell you like, as long as there is negative space on the nail. Secondly, if you have tonnes of nail vanishes, like me and you can’t decide what colour to go for, you can now wear multiple at the same time  (its up to you of course). You can go for a different colour dot on each nail or choose a trio and don some multi colour stripes. Lastly, this trend encourages you to be creative and that is no bad thing.

So go wild and give it go, have some fun, play with colour, do something different with your nails that helps your individuality shine through!

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