Longest Serving British Vogue Editor – Insider

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of hearing a very inspiring woman talk, her name Alexandra Shulman OBE, British Vogue’s longest-serving editor of 25 years.  My dear friend and I pretended to be VIP guests as we sat one row back from the front. The security guard wondered over and said ” You are VIPs right?” At which point I just smiled and nodded! I don’t normally tell porkies, but I felt this was an opportunity too good to pass.

The first thing I will say, is how utterly down to earth she was, a very strong and endearing woman, demonstrating authentic leadership yet someone whom you could imagine having a few drinks with.

Her true passion was shopping (like mine). It was refreshing to hear her speak about the importance of the high street, how it has changed with the rise of e-commerce and yet the high street still has a vital role to play in our lives and the world of fashion. What I found really insightful was her remark about what was considered cool these days. Shulman says:

The really cool people are not those necessarily walking around in exclusive designer wear, the really cool people are walking around wearing unique labels from under the radar designers.

So there we have it, whilst we look to big brands for ideas, inspirations and trends. what we mustn’t do is be wholly dependant on them, and as participators of fashion, going out there investing in up and coming talent can often put you ahead of the curve. So rather than going straight to your ‘go to’ brands, get out there and seek out some fresh designer talent, as you will be helping emerging designers to breakthrough whilst potentially trailblazing a trend, not just following one. How refreshing.

Want to find out about a really exciting new label with some under the radar designers check out my blog called -‘Fashion from South Korea! -Stylist’

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