Fun Fashion from South Korea! – Stylist

Genuin Verk! Yes you heard me right, Genuin Verk, that’s the label’s name and these guys and gals are all the way from South Korea. I absolutely love this label, they are so fresh and vibrant and I would happily live in their clothes! They have a small design team of just 4 people, in fact the whole label only consists of just 5 people.

Small, nibble, innovative, fresh, funky and boundary pushing. They had a super fun stand at Pure, Olympia. Sporting a bright orange floor of faux fur coats and shirts that should be worn in a whole new way with little fluffy toys with googley eyes.  There is an anarchic feel to the label, giving way to rules, styles and trends whilst being brave to making up their own.

Creativity and imagination sit at the heart of this brand, you can see it in their designs. They are colourful, playful and oozing with cool.

I grabbed their Look Book and I have been admiring them ever since. So, if you are looking for a fresh underground label, I highly recommend this one to get you started. Cuts to suit all body shapes, colours we can all work with and cutting edge design that offers your style a fresh new angle.

To find out more, head to instagram @genuinverk or visit their website to grab a new piece for your personal collection this spring/summer.


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