Hybrid Fashion, Confused-WTF?!

So what the hell is ‘Hybrid Fashion’? It’s a way of fusing 2 different styles together and coming up with a fresh new look. The most obvious example of this fashion trend is ‘Athleisure’. Leisure wear and sports wear combined,  it’s an actual trend which is forecast to stay. This also includes gender neutral ranges, aimed at both men and women which I do think is awesome, however that’s another blog post in the making!

Call me old school, but I always thought sports wear was to be worn when engaging with sporting activities right? Wrong. Athleisure is now being promoted as a lifestyle, look and wardrobe choice for the everyday.

Actually Hybrid Fashion takes this look to a whole new level combining high heels with track suit bottoms or a hoodie teamed with a clutch bag. Yes this is messing with my mind. I am really not into it. It can also come with a hefty price tag too if you care to indulge, however do I really want to pop to the shop for milk on a Saturday morning wearing my over priced running leggings? No thanks. Jeans and trainers will do me fine.

I do get it, Athleisure overall is a look that is about being comfortable and promoting a sense of self that is healthy, strong and active. It screams ‘I eat clean’ or ‘I train mean’. I also think this look reflects a change in attitude within our culture regarding status symbols of what is hot and what is not. In the 90s and 00s it was all about ‘Girl Power’ and the ‘Ladette’ culture aka how many pints can you drink? Where did you go clubbing? How long did you party for? Now it’s what type of tech start-up are you involved in? What yoga do you practise? What green powders are you using? How fast is your 10k? It is no wonder that Athliesure has risen to the ranks that it has in the fashion world.

I am no convert, however I do love feeling comfortable. So if you see me sitting outside a cafe in my running leggings and sports bra, drinking a weird looking green juice, it means I have finally caved in to this growing trend (of which I might hasten to add, the odds are very low! I like to drink my green powder juice at home, as it gives me green teeth and my gym gear is for sweating in not lounging around in. All said and done, I do actually admire the concept of Hybrid Fashion, its brave, challenging and pushes you to think outside the norm when it comes to creating new looks, using juxtaposing styles. Not an easy look to get right in my opinion and there lies the challenge.

Good luck peeps with this one, send me some pictures of you winning in this look and in I shall return the gesture and give it a go for comedy value and blog about the results!

Email your self styled Athleisure pictures to francesca@fashion-lives-here.com




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