Two Tone Make-Up! Yes, please – Stylist

Yeah! I am totally loving the new spring/summer two tone make-up ideas. What fun. Make-up for me has always been about having fun and playing with colour, so this theme and trend is right up my street. I totally appreciate that there a quite a few of you out there that are probably thinking, “really…..hmmm, is this something I can pull off”? My answer to you is yes, yes you damn well can.

Dare to be bold with your make-up and have some fun. What the hell is spring/summer for if you can’t push the boat out when it comes to colour.

So lets look at this trend, 2 colours for eyes and yes 2 colours for your lips. Not at the same time though, that would be just way too much. So choose one focal point on your face and give it a whirl. I reckon I am going to try my lips first, the key here is to chose two colours that are tonally suited, so a deep red for the top lip and then a warmer more orange red for the bottom lip. Yes it is a strong look, so you will need to opt for a fresh face all over with minimal make-up, fresh skin and a lick of mascara though easy on the brows, now you are ready to rock this look!

You can really play with eyeshadows  too. Choose your twin set colours wisely too to avoid looking over the top/clown like. So a good choice could be soft blue and a soft purple  (dependant on your colouring of course), the key here is to not slap it on, be subtle, you can divide the eye into halves and lightly apply each colour to one side and blend/fade into each other in the middle. Same rule applies, if you’re going for a 2 tone look, opt for a fresh natural look for the rest of the face. This means your colours stand out as the feature and you avoid looking comical. There are so many different types of eyeshadow from powders, pens, crayons or even creams. So choose 2 from the same range/style to give your 2 tone look an even application.

Are you in need of a colour analysis?

If so, drop me an email on and I would be more than happy to give you a FREE colour analysis*

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