Looking Fab with a Bump – Stylist

Now, I can really appreciate that for a lot of women, something that needs a bit more consideration is your wardrobe options during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Also during pregnancy you’re likely to be thinking, I need to save some dosh for all the baby stuff I need to buy, plus topping up savings to help with the maternity package (which lets face it here in the UK, it is not that great).

I know the temptation to wear a black sack is strong, but you know what – resist it! You can still wear colours, prints, accessories – you can still have a tonne of fun with your fashion, still looking beautiful with your bump!

Last Sunday, I had a super fun afternoon helping one of my dearest friends, figure out what that hell to do with her wardrobe, now the bump is clearly  here!  So here is a sample of what we did to help get her wardrobe sorted, making it easier for her to pull together outfits for her pending winter sun holiday, as well as having options once she is back at work in the office.

It is worth noting that the suggestions below are for 2nd trimester bump dressing, it requires a slightly different approach at the 3rd trimester – where embracing the bump is a must, rather than opting to conceal (which technically you can’t). Yes, fear not, I will be posting some fashion ideas for the 3rd trimester – using my best friend as a model and I will report back!

  1. Pack away all the clothes that no longer fit. You don’t need constant reminders of all your favourite clothes that temporarily don’t longer fit.
  2. Create a pile of stuff that still fits and don’t cheat yourself by squeezing into clothes that clearly look and feel too tight, you are only going to feel uncomfortable in the long run and that is not what we want!
  3. Layering is your friend, opt for stretchy skirts that can sit comfortably on/over the tummy and then with long stretchy cami tops pull them down, over the bump and then marry with a slightly larger shorter floaty top, on top of that. Your bigger breasts will help the top fall over the bump, giving you a more subtle silhouette.
  4. Opt for smaller prints not bigger prints – Trust me.
  5. If you need a few extra items, you can opt for buying shirts/t-shirts/jumpers a few sizes up from your normal dress size – Not so easy for the bottom half I am afraid.
  6. With your mates that have already had kids, get them to pass over any old maternity clothes they no longer need, saving you some cash and yes sharing is caring we all know that!
  7. Spring/Summer is just round the corner now, so if you are keen to continue saving your pennies, buy some 2nd hand maternity jeans and chop the legs off at a place you feel comfortable and roll up the bottoms – perfect! Homemade maternity denim shorts to see you through! Result.

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