Negative Space Nails! – Stylist

What fun! So refreshing isn’t it to see some really fresh and funky ideas coming to the fore regarding nail fashion. I have slaved over my nails for years, I am really fortunate, thanks to genetics I can grow beautifully naturally long nails (apologies for the brag), that ironically often get mistaken for falsies, funny isn’t it. I really love this trend for so many … Continue reading Negative Space Nails! – Stylist

Sustainable Fashion – Insider

I met some super lovely ladies at Pure last weekend from the fashion brand, Beyond Retro. I really love Beyond Retro, because at the very core of their brand values is; sustainable fashion, also known as ethical or Eco fashion. We hear this term a lot, but what does it actually mean? Well if we go with the Ethical Fashion Forum it is defined as … Continue reading Sustainable Fashion – Insider

Longest Serving British Vogue Editor – Insider

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of hearing a very inspiring woman talk, her name Alexandra Shulman OBE, British Vogue’s longest-serving editor of 25 years.  My dear friend and I pretended to be VIP guests as we sat one row back from the front. The security guard wondered over and said ” You are VIPs right?” At which point I just smiled and nodded! I … Continue reading Longest Serving British Vogue Editor – Insider

Fun Fashion from South Korea! – Stylist

Genuin Verk! Yes you heard me right, Genuin Verk, that’s the label’s name and these guys and gals are all the way from South Korea. I absolutely love this label, they are so fresh and vibrant and I would happily live in their clothes! They have a small design team of just 4 people, in fact the whole label only consists of just 5 people. Small, … Continue reading Fun Fashion from South Korea! – Stylist

Hybrid Fashion, Confused-WTF?!

So what the hell is ‘Hybrid Fashion’? It’s a way of fusing 2 different styles together and coming up with a fresh new look. The most obvious example of this fashion trend is ‘Athleisure’. Leisure wear and sports wear combined,  it’s an actual trend which is forecast to stay. This also includes gender neutral ranges, aimed at both men and women which I do think … Continue reading Hybrid Fashion, Confused-WTF?!

Two Tone Make-Up! Yes, please – Stylist

Yeah! I am totally loving the new spring/summer two tone make-up ideas. What fun. Make-up for me has always been about having fun and playing with colour, so this theme and trend is right up my street. I totally appreciate that there a quite a few of you out there that are probably thinking, “really…..hmmm, is this something I can pull off”? My answer to you … Continue reading Two Tone Make-Up! Yes, please – Stylist

Underwear as Outerwear, No Thanks – WTF?!

I am actually really excited about the spring/summer 2017 fashion trends. It helps to get me through the winter months, grey, cold, wet and rather dreary all round. To help me along I have even gone as far as dedicating a whole pin interest board called ‘Summer Outfits’. This helps transport my mind to sunny days, feeling the sun on my skin and  imagining myself looking … Continue reading Underwear as Outerwear, No Thanks – WTF?!

Looking Fab with a Bump – Stylist

Now, I can really appreciate that for a lot of women, something that needs a bit more consideration is your wardrobe options during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Also during pregnancy you’re likely to be thinking, I need to save some dosh for all the baby stuff I need to buy, plus topping up savings to help with the maternity package (which lets face it … Continue reading Looking Fab with a Bump – Stylist