Men Wearing Granny Scarfs – WTF?!

Yes, I spotted this on the runway. What fashion label is sporting this look – I hear you gasp. It rhymes with ‘Bendy’ – are you with me yet? I actually howled with laughter when I saw this, yes this is part of the Men’s 2017 Autumn/Winter collection. After I stopped laughing, I thought but hang on, why can’t a man where a head scarf if he wants to?

And then, I started to think about it some more. Men’s fashion, lets be honest just isn’t as fun, colourful, varied, striking or fun as women’s is (happy to be challenged on that btw)  – which is a shame really.  My husband has often noted this, when we hit the high street, the women’s floors are visual delights, so much to choose from, so much variety and then you see the men’s section, so much more safe, practical, comfy and straightforward (aka a bit dull).  I will admit that men’s fashion has come on quite a bit and there is certainly a much bigger appetite for it. With the rise of social media, I think there has certainly been a bigger interest from men when it comes to personal grooming, appearance, style and image. But not far enough perhaps?

So maybe it’s me that needs to change my opinion, if men want to wear head scarfs that resemble your granny’s scarf – why the f*%k not.  To be honest, we should all be less restrictive – why can’t men where more colourful revealing clothes or women’s clothes for that matter – in fact lets do away with gender classification in fashion and be more free, lets trash the unwritten rules and simple enjoy it all because we can!

To the men that wear granny head scarfs this autumn/winter – I salute you.

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