Feel Good Fashion – Stylist

Looking your best or even just making a bit of effort can do wonders for how you feel about yourself. I am not talking about spending hours getting ready, piling on make-up, or needing to spend loads on new clothes, hair and make-up, however fashion has the power to make you feel good.

I met a friend today for lunch, a beautiful women with a big heart and brilliant sense of humour and one of her new years resolutions was to make a bit more of an effort. This is what prompted me to write this post, as it was such a good reminder of the power, that fashion, image and appearance can have on influencing how we feel about ourselves. By making just a fraction more effort (a tiny bit more than the norm), such as applying a lipstick, styling your hair or even just giving yourself a quick file and paint, fashion really does have the power to make you feel so much better about yourself.

I am not saying use fashion to cover up how you feel, however when things get tough and you need to keep going, looking your best, or even just a bit better than the norm, fashion can help to start the transformative process of feeling good and feeling better in yourself!

Now, when I think about it, over the years I have always used fashion to do this for me, at times I could even go so far as to say it has been a crutch. When the shit hits the fan, putting on some make-up, styling my hair and getting some new threads has helped me dig deep, to find confidence, strength and renewed energy. What a great place start, with yourself. So next time you are feeling a bit low and things aren’t quite going your way, try it out, because when you are staring down the face of adversity doesn’t it feel much better to be looking your best?!  I think so.

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