Catwalk Shows Yeah! – Insider

I am super excited about next month as it is sees the start of London Fashion week. What a treat, I am signed up for an event called Pure, technically a fringe show, which is a fashion industry trade conference. There will be lots of talks and the best bit of all multiple catwalk shows throughout the day! I am so excited, it is going to be awesome. This is a free event so if you fancy it, you can just sign up and come along.

My first catwalk show was last year at the Stylist event in London and I must say it was a total buzz, so exciting to see all the new looks for the festive season. I highly recommend the Stylist event too, for all men and women who love learning something new,  swapping beauty tips and exploring new products/designers. Cheapest tickets are £25, you get bubbles on arrival, 2 workshops and a catwalk show seat – what’s not to love!

It is not just watching a load of stunning yet slightly too skinny women/men walk down the runway – although there is a lot of that – there is a whole visual extravaganza wrapped round it.

Its an event, a performance if you like, the lights, the music, the vibe – there is excitement in the air and it gets under your skin.

Give it a try, even just once, but trust me you might just be hooked after that, if you are anything like me! If you love fashion I highly recommend seeking out a catwalk show to visit. It really is a good day out and it is not just for the privileged few! So, this year I am going to get stuck in, learn new things, meet interesting people and share my findings with you.

Bring it on.

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