Flower Shower Caps as Hats – WTF?!

Right, am I the only person that is going to say this or is everyone genuinely loving the flower shower cap look- worn as a headdress that is being sported down the run ways?!

Look, I am not going to start laying into this fashion house because I actually love alot of what they do. Wondering who I am talking about – their brand name when said quickly sounds like a hungry kitten – go on try it – yes your with me now aren’t you! (LOLs)

Their spring summer palette is lovely, great cuts, accessible and flatter all body shapes, skin tones but what the hell is going on with the head wear?! Oh my days.

I like a hat, don’t get me wrong however there are VERY few that could pull this shower flower cap look off and for that reason I can imagine the high street designing teams are more than likely to give that part of the look a wide birth. Because it needs it.

However saying that, I might have to eat my own flower shower cap if this one takes off – so I am going to keep my eye out this summer and if I see someone wearing this look – KUDOS  – I will obvs feature them on my site because this person will be unique and braver than me by quite a margin.

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