Graphic Eyeliner – Insider

Adore the feline flick, yes me too, it looks so classy, sexy and cool on all women, no matter your age, plus it NEVER goes out of fashion! In fact, I have a whole pin-interest board dedicated to the feline flick and just in case you are wondering what on earth am I talking about – think Amy Winehouse and her signature black eyeliner. However this spring/summer watch out for new colours, textures and lines are on the horizon.

So what is ‘Graphic Eyeliner’ its a term for creating new angles on the eyes so, rather than the classic line and flick at the end, it could be a half blue line under the eyebrows, our a row of glitter above the lashes or a sharp orange line across the middle of the lid.  It is basically anything other than a simple black line with a flick at the end!

This spring/summer I expect to see a lot of this look at festivals, clubs and gigs.Its a great party look and I believe there is no age bracket to having fun with your make-up.

I think it is time we all tried to be a tad more bold and break out of the same old make-up rituals we get stuck in.

We all have our go to colours, styles and brands. That’s fair enough, especially when you have a clear idea about what works for your face, colouring and fashion style however why don’t we all just try something new? Go on, you might just like it, you might love it and never go back?!  I love colour and playing about with it keeps make-up fun and engaging.

Make-up is there to play with, have fun, so go wild with it- why not -more graphic eyeliner please people (men included – transvestites know how to play with make-up! ) so try it out and let your individuality shine through, making your eyes sparkle even more this spring/summer.


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