Men Wearing Granny Scarfs – WTF?!

Yes, I spotted this on the runway. What fashion label is sporting this look – I hear you gasp. It rhymes with ‘Bendy’ – are you with me yet? I actually howled with laughter when I saw this, yes this is part of the Men’s 2017 Autumn/Winter collection. After I stopped laughing, I thought but hang on, why can’t a man where a head scarf … Continue reading Men Wearing Granny Scarfs – WTF?!

Catwalk Shows Yeah! – Insider

I am super excited about next month as it is sees the start of London Fashion week. What a treat, I am signed up for an event called Pure, technically a fringe show, which is a fashion industry trade conference. There will be lots of talks and the best bit of all multiple catwalk shows throughout the day! I am so excited, it is going … Continue reading Catwalk Shows Yeah! – Insider

Flower Shower Caps as Hats – WTF?!

Right, am I the only person that is going to say this or is everyone genuinely loving the flower shower cap look- worn as a headdress that is being sported down the run ways?! Look, I am not going to start laying into this fashion house because I actually love alot of what they do. Wondering who I am talking about – their brand name … Continue reading Flower Shower Caps as Hats – WTF?!